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Hi, welcome to the DarkLight Devil's Adventure testing family

DarkLight is a indie game inspired by Limbo. it is a 2D/3D mixed role playing story based puzzle adventure game with brain testing puzzle design and immersive sounds and visuals. Its dark, misty spaces, horror sounds and pleasant art-style will stay with you forever. Complete levels , fight bosses using your brain and objects available in the surroundings and reveal what's destiny holding for our protagonist. Story:- DarkLight is set in a fantasy world of Demons , witches and fairies. Devil (a highest class of demon) is on journey to find the purpose of his life , follow his adventure and reveal what destiny holds for him. Features:- - Offline gameplay (only certain features like in app purchase require internet connection). - High definition graphics. - Attractive visuals. - Customizable controls. - Graphic levels ( lower them in setting if game lags) - Keyboard support - Gamepad support - Compatible with any modern android device with at least 1 gb ram.

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